The Philosophy of Friendship

A brand synonymous with luxury, craftsmanship and quality, kindly stopped in our store to give us a sneak peek of their newest collections and creations. Every fall, we look forward to seeing world-renowned jeweler Charles Krypell and the surprises he is bringing to jewelry enthusiasts. During his visit to Joyce’s this year, we had the pleasure of learning about his inspirations and how he brings his designs to life. In addition, Charles’ informed us on his design approach and his unique ways to connect with his customers, which he says stems from three decades of creating timeless jewelry for the sophisticated collector.

“I feel very blessed to be invited to Joyce’s, it is a wonderful store that shares the same philosophy as I do. A philosophy where we are not interested in creating customers, but creating collectors. Collectors means that you will keep coming back, you will make this a destination store for gift giving and realize that we can build upon collections, one that you can actually savor for generations.” –Charles krypell

At Joyce’s, we share similar philosophies and understand the true meaning behind our friend’s designs. We too have come to know many of our vendors and customers as friends and have built everlasting relationships. My parents taught me the value of friendship, at all levels, and how important it is to be a friend first without expectation. Our friendships are cherished more than I can express. Generations of quality service and family values will always make Joyce’s Jewelry a local legacy.

So the saying goes, people will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you make the feel. This belief helps to ensure our clients are comfortable and relaxed every time they visit us. As the holiday season approaches and our excitement of gift giving arises, we promise to never lose our small town charm and belief of supplying our valued customers with the highest quality of service. We hope you stop by and browse our new arrivals, unique designs and Joyce’s Signature Collection!

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