Warming up to the stacking trends!

Stacking jewelry is a trend this season that is catching everyone’s attention! This fun and fashionable trend combines two or more pieces together to amplify the effect of the jewelry. Stacked jewelry can be combined in a variety of ways to suit your unique style! Stacked rings, bracelets and necklaces are sure to be a winter wardrobe must-have! Just ask our fashion forward friend, Kelsey!

Kelsey shares the same passion as we do for our unique, custom designs. We create pieces like our bubble rings for our friends and customers to showcase their individuality and style. See how Kelsey bundle, stacks and styles her daily wardrobe with warm hues, winter whites and trends to last!

1.) When it comes to the classic rules of fashion, this ring is breaking all barriers! Gold, silver and rose gold all in one design? I mean, what more could a girl want! Dainty pieces are extremely easy to style, not to mention versatile. Stack em’ up or wear them individually for a simpler look. This time, I chose to stack these rings and rock them with my favorite fall go-to scarf from Aldo.

2.) As most of you know, rose gold is everything this season! Warm hues of color bring the perfect combo of classy and trendy to any look. Pictured, I am wearing some of my cozy fall apparel from last season, glammed up with Joyce’s custom rose gold set. In this case, fashion on point is an understatement!

3.) Let’s talk layers! Personally, I am a layering fanatic! Not only does layering spice up an outfit but it also allows you to feature multiple pieces from your jewelry box all at the same time! Check out these custom made designs from Joyce’s. I am incorporating whites, creams, golds and silvers to give a soft yet seasonal look.




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