What does a jeweler buy his wife for Valentine’s Day?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I often receive the question, what does a jeweler buy his wife for Valentine’s Day?  Well, that’s easy….Jewelry!  I like flowers and chocolates, but who doesn’t prefer a gift that will last forever and doesn’t make you feel like you need extra time in the gym!  As you can imagine, I am extremely passionate about jewelry and the feelings that are involved with the purchase of it. 

Ask yourself, what other product can you wear daily, besides wedding rings, that doesn’t depreciate, you do not have to continually put money into for upkeep, and can eventually pass down to the next generation while it increases in value? There isn’t many, if any, and that is one of many reasons why I feel I jewelry is so special!

For me, when I give my beautiful wife Rachel a gift of jewelry, it has to have meaning behind it.  Most of the pieces that she owns are pieces that I designed and created. In fact, my most recent gift to her, which I highly recommend for Valentine’s Day, I worked with designer Monica Rich Kosann to design.  Monica Rich Kosann’s collection is rooted in the idea that every woman has a story to tell. Rachel’s locket tells the story of what she is most proud of, her family.  Her locket is composed of 18K yellow gold and secured on a 30” diamond cut link chain.  The locket contains a K on one side with 4 diamonds to represent each person in our family (Rachel, our two children and of course me) and on the other side, there is a white mother of pearl doublet. The inside includes images of each of our children. This forever piece meant so much to her.


We added Monica Rich Kosann to Joyce’s last year because of the quality and versatility of her collection. Prices start at $100 for a beautiful piece composed of sterling silver.  If I had to make a recommendation this year for the holiday of romance, Valentine’s Day, I would highly recommend looking at this collection.


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  1. Elle Airhart 2 years ago | Reply

    Awesome piece. I love it and feel like it is so special for you and her. What a great gift!

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