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Well, my inaugural blog is here! I’ve been thinking for a while about how I can help educate and inspire my customers, vendors, family and friends. This is it, I’m officially a blogger. I hope you enjoy!

Clients usually have similar questions for me when walking into Joyce’s for the first time. “What makes you different than other jewelry stores? I don’t want the same jewelry as every other jewelry store, do you have anything unique and how do your prices compare to other jewelry stores?”


These questions can easily be answered by following my recent overseas trip to our manufacturing facility in Mumbai, India. Right after the new year, I embarked on a trip to the factory to start working on product development for 2018. As you know, Joyce’s was founded by my mother, Joyce. However, my father David was always on the manufacturing side. Joyce’s has greatly benefited from my father’s experience of going directly to the source by cutting out the middleman. We have worked extremely hard to develop Joyce’s Signature Collection, designed exclusively by the Joyce’s team, and manufactured directly at a state of the art facility in Mumbai, India.  


Now, why India? The answer is simple, India is the world’s largest cutting and polishing center for diamondsIndia exports 75% of the world’s polished diamonds, as per statistics from the Gems and Jewelry Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). To put this in perspective, 93% of the small diamonds used in jewelry are cut, polished, and distributed in India. We have partnered with the same manufacturing facility since 1999, which has allowed us to develop and grow our partnership together. Because we go directly to the source, cutting out the middleman and eliminating high mark-ups, our success over the years is the result of providing the highest quality product at the best value.

If you’re in the market for something sparkly, please visit me at Joyce’s!

Manufacturing directly not only benefits the value we provide to our clients but also the specialty of product. With all due respect to other jewelers, most jewelry stores and chains of stores have the same product in every location. Of course, we offer the classic styles. But we also have an entire collection from bridal to fashion that is unique to Joyce’s. More than picking pieces from a sample line when taking something from concept to creation, jewelry is a representation of your business. Proudly engraved with Joyce’s logo, we hope that every piece of Joyce’s Signature Collection gives you confidence in the craftsmanship, the rarity of design, and value provided. We are passionate about all of the products we offer. However, Joyce’s Signature Collection truly reaches the next level.

Now let’s look at how Joyce’s Signature Collection is created! We go through every stage of the production process: concept, sketch, CAD/CAM resin creating, wax injecting, casting, setting, finishing, quality control. There is no aspect of the production process that is not hand touched and quality approved throughout the process. Here at Joyce’s, we sincerely care about the quality and source of our materials. This allows us to carefully craft the greatest products we can for our customers. With these passions, we hope that all of our customers recognize the quality and individuality in Joyce’s Jewelry.

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