Building Relationships with Slate & Tell

Life is all about relationships, and Joyce’s is embarking on a new relationship with Slate & Tell jewelry.

slate and tell jewelry

Funny enough, I am writing this blog post on a plane heading home from a family vacation in the Dominican Republic (I will explain shortly why this is relevant). It was an amazing vacation with my wife, two children, parents, and in-laws (Yes, I like my in-laws enough to travel with them). Anytime I travel, I always visit local jewelry stores to see what is working in their market and to see if we (Joyce’s) can improve in any way. And when the opportunity presents itself, I visit the factory where the products are made.

After marrying Rachel in 2010 we embarked on a Mediterranean cruise for our honeymoon. One of our cruise stops was Florence, Italy. At that time, Joyce’s had partnered with an Italian jewelry manufacturer that was headquartered in Florence. Of course, on our honeymoon stop there, we decided to forego a tour of Duomo di Firenze and instead spent the day learning about the company, putting faces to the names and email addresses, and reviewing their entire collection.

Once again, I have managed to find a way to involve Joyce’s Jewelry into our family vacation… Just last week during the final discussions with the owner of Slate and Tell, we were making small talk and it came up that I was traveling to the Dominican Republic for our first family vacation in several years. Coincidentally he told me that is where the product is manufactured. My father and I spent time visiting the factory, meeting the people, and learning how the product is made. It was a great experience and we are now an authorized retailer of Slate & Tell Jewelry.

slate and tell jewelry

I would like to share the 5 Key reasons we have partnered with Slate & Tell Jewelry:

1. Personalization and Styling – At Joyce’s , we travel the world to bring the newest product and best designs to our clients. If you visit our showroom, you will see the uniqueness in the product we offer. Slate and Tell’s style appeals to all age demographics and it can be personalized to make it one of a kind. Jewelry is worn for few main reasons; to remember or symbolize a special event, as a romantic gesture, or as a fashion accessory. Slate and Tell encompasses all these reasons. Slate and Tell’s entire collection can be personalized with names, dates, sayings, birthstones, etc. Not to mention the styling is a perfect accessory to any outfit.

2. Value – Slate and Tell’s collection is composed of precious metals, Sterling Silver or gold. The Sterling Silver collection starts at a price of $49 with most of the collection between $49 and $150. If you prefer gold, the collection is available in 10K or 14K, whatever you prefer. This is considerably less than popular costume jewelry that is made of a pot metal which has no intrinsic value.

slate and tell jewelry

3. Warranty/Service – All Slate and Tell product has a lifetime warranty. The Sterling Silver collection has a special plating to prevent tarnishing. If there are any issues with the product we will take care of it to make sure you can continue enjoying your beautiful jewelry. Personalization is the most appealing part of this collection in my opinion. Anytime you are
dealing with custom pieces that require additional manufacturing time, it is vital to meet our customer’s deadlines. Slate & Tell can create a piece and personalize with a very quick turnaround time. A perfect example is the two custom pieces I had made for my wife and daughter during my visit to the manufacturing facility. See the attached images for the pieces I picked.

4. Marketing and Promotions – Slate and Tell regularly offers great promotions that will help you build your collection at a great value! They are at the forefront of Social Media. In the short time period of Slate and Tell’s inception, they have built an incredible following. Pair this with Joyce’s marketing and you are sure to be up to date on the latest promotions and newest product we have to offer!

slate and tell jewelry

5. Relationships – Finally, it’s all about the relationship! We are passionate about our business and only want to offer product that we would be proud to represent. It’s more fun doing business with people we enjoy and know they do business ethically. As you can see from the enclosed pictures, we visited the manufacturing facility before committing to the collection. We met the director of the factory, head of customer service, and many key people in between. It was a great experience knowing where and how the product is made.

slate and tell jewelry


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