Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays both personally and professionally. Joyce’s Jewelry was founded by mother, Joyce in the late 1970’s. Her passion has always been her family and her business, which in her eyes is one and the same.

We are extremely fortunate to be in the beautiful free-standing facility that Joyce’s is currently located in, but it was the humble beginnings that truly make me proud of my mother. My mother founded the business by selling jewelry out of her purse. She had a flair for style and a passion for jewelry, which is a perfect match! My mother grew her customer base large enough to open the official business in an addition on the side of our home. When I say, I grew up in the business, I literally grew up in the home that our business was in until 1989. A lot has changed over the years, but my mother’s passion for jewelry and the philosophy that she instilled in the Joyce’s family will always remain the same; provide the highest quality product at the best value all while having fun and building friendships along the way.

Being an only child of an Italian mother, you can say I grew up a bit of mommy’s boy. During my childhood my mother ran Joyce’s Jewelry working 6 days a week, but regardless of the season, she was always there to support me through special events, commend me on a job well done, and discipline me when I needed it (those that were around during my childhood know this is a true statement, lol!). I will forever be grateful for the work ethic she instilled in me, but what I admire most is her heart. She has the biggest heart of anyone I know and is always willing to help anyone in a time of need. Of course, we have butted heads a time or two, but the love we share always prevails.

It’s crazy to think and even harder to admit, but all the life lessons of my mother have carried over into my marriage and parenting of my two children, Sara Kate and James. Mother’s Day has an even more special meaning because I now have two wonderful Mother’s to celebrate, my mother Joyce and my wife, Rachel. Yes, my wife deserves to be celebrated on Mother’s Day! She is one of the hardest working, most intelligent people I know and most importantly she is an amazing mother to our children. And this is worth celebrating!

From a professional standpoint, it is wonderful to see the same compassion in the fathers and sons that come in to celebrate the special mother’s in their lives. Mother’s Day week is a great week to work in a jewelry store, regardless how bad of a day, week, or month you are having, see this love will brighten up any day! Celebrate that special women in your life this year with a special item that will last forever and always be a reminder of your love and gratefulness!

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